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Ingrijire in comunitate

Ingrijire in comunitate

Community care in group homes

In 2001, we opened two apartments for the permanent care of young people with severe mental disabilities. 

These apartments were the first home-type apartments (group homes) opened in Romania for people with severe disabilities and the only ones in the region until 2006. Located in the middle of the community, they are offering the best opportunities for social integration.
The two apartments represent part of the challenging efforts of Heart of a Child Foundation to offer a life full of dignity, care and respect for people with severe mental and physical disabilities from Galati. Opened and partially supported with the generous financial support of SERA Romania, the apartments are “home” for young people with several mental and physical disabilities who were forced in the past to spend their childhood in hospitals and orphanages from Galati. 
Activities in the apartments:
 normal daily activities
► occupational therapy daily activities
► activities that contribute to the development and exercising of the self care abilities of the young people
► communication and social interaction of young people with the personnel 
► taking part in other activities of a Day Center of the organization 

Since 2001 till the present, these young people with extreme severe disabilities have had the chance to spend their lives in the midst of the local community, to receive proper care that has allowed them to achieve the maximum level of functional independence, which represents an extraordinary success for us.

During all this time, the apartments have offered support to 10 young people with ages between 20 and 30 years old. Presently, there are 8 young people cared for. 
A remarkable achievement is represented by Vasile, a young man who recovered so much so that at present he is taken care by a family. All others have had amazing progresses as well. 

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