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Happy Easter for our children!

Easter has always been a celebration of ones soul and spirit.

As we wanted to remain a support for our children’s families of our Centers, we prepared food and sweets. Thus over 80 children in the Day Centers of the Foundation, in Galati, Pechea, Cudalbi and Liesti received the gifts.

We received some of the sweets when we had our friends from Great Britain’s visit. They were Adrian Norton – president of Heart of a Child UK and treasurer for Support for Romania, Neil Lyle – member in the Rotary Club Cardiff and Alan Penrose – Support for Romania. Heart of a Child is an organization in Wales which over 12 years allows Welsh to support a part of our projects - a major contribution that represents over 10% of annual organization funds. On the other hand, Support for Romania is an organization which has made so far over 135 visits in Romania for different organizations and locations, coming here with 300 trucks with donations.

The helped families’ emotion and gratitude cannot be expressed in simple words…less our content for being able to support them this year also in having food and sweets for children at Easter.


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