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Heart of Child UK

It all started with a dream ...  At the initiative of the volunteer Philipa Curtis, founder of Heart of Child UK, the mission of our organization is also sustained from the distance. 
Fifteen years ago, after a volunteering experience for 3 years together with Heart of Child in order to change the lives of children diagnosed with HIV/SIDA, Philippa, returning to Wales, had chosen to get involved in the activities developed by us.  So, she founded Heart of a Child Galati UK and, beside the distance between us, a lot of people who care about us and our mission had continued to do this many years after, to carry us in their hearts and thoughts or to come and visit us and our children.

This summer, I have travelled once again to UK to participate at the General Meeting of the organization Heart of Child UK to present the projects which are developed nowadays and the upcoming plans. It was a beautiful and motivating travel. I found once again a strong group of supporters, committed to our activities and values; therefore, a part of our soul remains always there, thanking them for their generosity and devotion.
I thank all our friends from Newport, the ones who help and support us through the following organizations: Heart of Child UK, Romanian Child Support and Support for Romania, to the churches and local communities that were involved in our projects. I cannot mention all of them and I do not want to forget anyone …
Nevertheless, I would like to make special mentions: Gill and Stephan Curtis, who were, as usual, not only our supporters, but also our perfect hosts. We thank them from the bottom of our h.eart.  I would also like to mention Ben and Joan (a couple married for 70 years) who impressed me with the reception on their house, with a beautiful bouquet of roses and with a donation of 500 pounds for our foundation. The donation was being raised during the last year by their weekly prayer group, consisting of 5 people. I will never forget the love and the intense emotion which this donation carried.
I believe that Romanians are at least as generous as the British people and they only need to reconstruct the social capital of trust between people and common purposes …

Dr. Anna Burtea

Director Executive


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